Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ok, this whole job thing is too cool. My trainers feed raw, they agree with what I agree on, they are so sweet and my gosh, so smart. It is such a hard day at work I tell you. Playing with puppies is tough work, let alone watching their brains work when clicker training.

Today I took Jasper to work, and from now on he will be joining me. You know, today went awesome. I was too worried Jasper would freak out to much but honestly? he did great!! Here and there he whined if I left, but he understood I still come back. The first thing he got to do was play with 4 other dogs! He had a blast, and he played for a good hour. He worked hard with all the chasing! He did herd a bit but Paula said he was herding in a nice way and not biting which was a good sign. We also played on the agility jumps (just a 6 inch jump) and some chutes! That was fun, and in fact, I think I am going to work on agility with him here with small jumps at 6 inches or so. This way I can still teach him everything including teeters and weaves :) We just won't compete!

After play time, we all settled the dogs, had them eat lunch and lay down to rest. I watched a training seminar on DVD as Jasper laid down in his crate and was wondering uhh what the heck mom, I never go in crates! Jasper started to whine. Paula showed me a great idea with whining in the cage. When Jasper whined, he got a sheet thrown over his crate. The moment he shushed, the sheet was removed. The moment he whined, here came the sheet! He picked it up in two sheet movements. He is a very very smart boy. We also worked on crate games so he will eventually enjoy his crate. That went awesome, in fact, I will be video taping it next time. I will be making more videos soon, I just love to see his sessions in playback.

Anyways, today was awesome. I can not wait till puppy class on Saturday where we will see Ricky and Lucy, and Kerri yay!

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  1. That is the most perfect job for you. I am so glad Jasper is getting to have fun there too! We can't wait to see u in puppy class on Saturday!