Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day Update

You know, this is all going so fast, and I am not backing out or anything but my life is going to go through a big change I think soon. Since I will be taking on the apprenticeship, I feel I am going to be swamped with things to do, in a good way, but also it makes me nervous.

Jasper, well, he is allowed to come to work with me anytime but I fear he is not going to take it well when I have to put him in the crate and go train with another dog. I am really hoping he will settle after he gets used to the environment and understand I will not be able to play with him all the time. This is a good thing though, I have always wanted to feel like I could do this without worrying about if Jasper is freaking out or not. After he is really settled, he will be allowed to probably roam the room we will be spending our time in doing homework, playing, and training. I really think he will get it, but if not, he can always sit in the car or he will just have to stay home. This place is an all positive method training center, so I don't think they will mind. I mean they all love dogs, so I don't think they would get like frustrated or upset. I will stay positive though, I am sure he will pull through it all and be fine. I mean, it will be great if so so he can indeed come with me to work and learn more!

So today is Easter and it is going ok. We had company come over, Jasper was served some ham and potatoes for his "Easter dinner" and some pina colada yogurt for dessert. *not spoiled at all*

Jasper performed all of his tricks for some kids and their parents today who came over. They were all amazed, and I was proud!

Tomorrow, I will be going to Dog City to learn how to work the front desk and get my key to the building. I am excited to see Paula and the crew again and can not wait to start my job. My favorite part will be training other dogs. I just love to see other dogs work and think, it is so fun!

Jasper also went to the dog park and swam (the usual.. most everyday) a lady, Beverly, will be joining me and Jasper for his first herding lesson next weekend. Yay!

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