Sunday, December 19, 2010

Satisfactory Sunday

I'd like to give Jasper a S for Satisfactory today. He didn't do anything special but I see him improving with attention, with the cats, and with intelligence. I don;.'t know about you guys but I think having Jasper open a crate with a rope, getting in the crate and then having him shut it takes skill for a dog. They must remember three tasks and at his age I am astounded. I am going to attend a little meeting before obedience on January 3rd. I can not wait to meet the other students participating as well as their owners. I am pretty sure he will score top of class as he did in puppy class but who knows there could be some competition.* 8 hours later from when I wrote* We are back from the dog park. We met three aussies there. And a cute guy... but we won't go into that. Anyways, Jasper is beat, and is snoring... someone is actually finally tired :P

Off to a friends house.

Oh and Jasper is learning to open crate, go in crate and shut crate door all in one command, and to walk on hind legs aww.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Titling Tuesday!

I am going to apply for Jasper's Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Titles today. He performs about 30 tricks from a certain book to get his advanced title (ATD) I am so excited. In fact if we hurry, My dog will be the youngest Australian shepherd to have completed the Advanced Trick test. That is something special! Today me and Jasper are working on side and bow. He has been more independent lately which is great. He used to be with me every second and would whine that he wouldn't get played with that very second. I think he got the picture. Short blog today but all is well here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am going to pull my hair our WEDNESDAY

Jasper is not taking this transition to grandmas house lightly... at all. He is whiney, anxious and will not settle down. I am beyond stressed and I am sure he can tell I am also. When I get back home, there are going to be a few new house rules to make sure he doesn't have as many troubles as next time. He is constantly waking me up whining at 6 in the morning. He is constantly whining around the house and when he takes naps. I do not tend to his every need when he is whining but sometimes it gets out of hand and I don't want my grandparents to have to listen to it. Again, I am beyond stressed out, and it looks like I will be coming home this weekend as I am not having any fun on this "vacation." I really thought it would be nice to take the dog, but never thought he wouldn't adjust. I guess all dogs are different but sheesh I think he is a little overdoing it. When I get home, I hope to bring him back to his regular schedule and hope he will feel better and not act so crazy as he is here. Again I am really really hoping he settles back down at our house.