Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am going to pull my hair our WEDNESDAY

Jasper is not taking this transition to grandmas house lightly... at all. He is whiney, anxious and will not settle down. I am beyond stressed and I am sure he can tell I am also. When I get back home, there are going to be a few new house rules to make sure he doesn't have as many troubles as next time. He is constantly waking me up whining at 6 in the morning. He is constantly whining around the house and when he takes naps. I do not tend to his every need when he is whining but sometimes it gets out of hand and I don't want my grandparents to have to listen to it. Again, I am beyond stressed out, and it looks like I will be coming home this weekend as I am not having any fun on this "vacation." I really thought it would be nice to take the dog, but never thought he wouldn't adjust. I guess all dogs are different but sheesh I think he is a little overdoing it. When I get home, I hope to bring him back to his regular schedule and hope he will feel better and not act so crazy as he is here. Again I am really really hoping he settles back down at our house.

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