Monday, November 29, 2010

Rainy Mondays in Missouri

Jasper and I are settling down to watch the rain. We just went out for a run and frisbee roller game. I am bad at throwing frisbees so I roll them which ususally makes for a long run for Jasper. It is cold here, but today it isn't so bad. Tomorrow they expect flurries so I am hoping something will stay. I want Jasper to experience snow so bad! Jasper says there are a lot of fun toys here at grandmas. His favorite "toys" are plants around the house, empty juice bottles that were suppose to be for the homeless, drink coasters, and a new one, a doll sized rocking chair.
    He was really anxious when he got here. There were just too many people I guess. He is now settling in but still is not 100% settled. He tends to walk around the house instead of taking a break, but it may be because he feels better in this cooler weather. He just can not get enough of the outdoors here. Tomorrow it calls for a low of 21... I need to really bundle up for a walkies in the morning. I think Jasper is getting the concept of not jumping on people so much in the house. He actually sits for grandpa to pet him. When it comes to grandma in the morning... he falls in love with her slippers. Grandma really likes Jasper, Grandpa, well let's just say he is more of a cat person. He sorta gets irratated when Jasper comes up to say hi to him, but one could get annoyed when the dog wants to greet you about 10 times an hour. Jasper is too loving!
   Ah, finally he settled down to a lamb bone mmm! I hope I am not hurting his socialization with dogs since he will be away from them for about 2 weeks or so. I can not wait to take him back to the dog park when we head home for Dallas. Since Butler is a very small city, there isn't a dog park near by. Best bet would be to drive an hour to get to the nearest one and I really do not think grandma is going to go for that haha. I can not find many friendly dogs around here.
    I find dogs tied on ropes outside, and lost dogs everywhere though. It is a shame to have a dog tied to your house and all it does is sit outside, it is not fair for the dog to be tied up, let alone it only creates problems around here when there are so many loose dogs around. So far I have seen 3 loose dogs. Out of the three, I did manage to rescue one. This is a sad story though. My mom pointed out to me what looked to be a chow puppy outside circling around slowly and minding its own business. I always want to see how the dog reacts and see if I can help it. I went outside and called for it but it didn't really respond, it just kept circling around. I kept calling for a minute or two more until it got closer only to find out this dog was in horrible condition. This chow mix had cataracts and was completely blind. Not only that, this dog was deaf, and covered in fleas, ticks. It had half its hair missing so I expected mange. Its tail was kinked and it had several fatty growths or  massive pappilomas. Best part was... it did belong to someone.. it had a old collar on it. I picked it up and carried it to the back porch and sat it down in my lap. I then thought to myself how people can be and how people let there dogs turn into to this. This dog could of easily been saved way before any of this happened if the dog's owner had any knowledge. The dog could of been adopted to someone who could of cared for it, who had time for it, who actually loved it. Money is not an issue here. People are willing to take in dogs and this dog was a very beautiful dog. I just can not believe they would let the dog go or let it loose. The dog is blind and deaf... it can not fend for itself, the poor thing was old. I went to the small shelter here and asked about turning it in for liability issues. Before this I thought it would be best to just euthanize it but feared liability if someone were to claim ownership which is so ridiculous. The dog will be there for five days, today is day four. Tomorrow it will finally be put down out of its misery humanely and with care. This dog's last five days are the last days of its suffering. It has shelter, heat, food and water. It's cold here... that dog could of died of starvation  or freezing. I am just glad I got to help it out.
   It's weird.. I have been getting alot of dogs lately. I mean they are coming to me.. I feel so happy that I can help out. So far in my rescue journey I have rescued three shiba inus, a black lab, a border collie mix, and a chow mix since August. I have been joking to my friends that I wanted to turn my new car into a doggy rescue pickup and in fact I am going to. It sounds so silly but I will make sure it has water, food samples, extra leashes, collars and and treats, hoping I can rescue more dogs!
   Jasper is asleep now, so I am going to take a break and relax.

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