Friday, November 19, 2010

Jasper the dog

First blog ever here. This is going to be just a tracking of Jasper's progression of his life.
Jasper is 33 weeks old which is hmm 8 months old wow. He is oh about 55 lbs.

  • He is a constant licker.
  • He whines when he wants to do something and you are not playing with him play, or can not get to something.
  •  He is a pro counter surfer.
  •  He barks loud at toys he wants others to throw.
  •  He just started barking at strangers at the door (no where else) more of just a warning nothing aggressive.
  • The vet is a nightmare specially when I leave him there. (constant scared barking)
  • He occasionally chews something he is not suppose to chew on.
  • He has more food drive than toy drive. His toy drive is what I would say a 4 out of 10. It used to be 0 out of 10.
  • He is anxious with new people and jumps on them.
Ok that is stuff we need to work on but hey that really isn't too bad now really. It could be far worse. I do want to point out that this was my first dog ever so not only did I spoil it with toy after toy after treat after treat, I also never really worked on what seemed to be "cute" back then i.e. jumping,chewing,tablesurfing (at that time he couldnt reach te table and it was so cute to see him on his hind legs.) Unfortunately others would not contribute nor still do not help with jumping. I have one friend who constantly praises him and gets him riled up when he jumps. She may like it but others may not want a dog jumping on them. Another "problem" is that I have a brother. a 5 year old brother. He is like any other 5 year old - loud, entergetic, causes problems, and gets Jasper all hyped up. There are just some things that will not stop until I am able to get my own place and live in a more calm environment. Unfortunately that is still far away now. For now I can try my best to cope and deal with it.

Jasper is my buddy, my pal, my best friend hands down. He makes me laugh, he makes me proud, and I love him because he loves me, unconditionally pure loves me. Now I must tell you what he can do... he is a very fast learner and picks up on things pretty fast. Here are a list of things jasper "can" do.
  • Sit (working on sit on command if he is very far away)
  • Down
  • Roll over
  • Beg
  • Speak
  • Spin
  • Twirl
  • Go get leash
  • Peek a boo
  • Walk backwards
  • Shake
  • High 5
  • Double high 5
  • Touch
  • Go to crate
  • Go to mat
  • Cross paws
  • Bang! you're dead!
  • Weave while I walk
  • Swim
  • dig on command (he doesn't have a problem with digging, he lives in doors)
  • Fetch
  • Drop it
  • Leave it
  • Stay (40 paces ish)
  • Grrr growl
  • recall is very good 8/10
  • Heel is so so but he knows how to
  • Wipe paws on door mat
  • Working on recycling (Throwing away empty yogurt cups in the trash can)
Gosh I think that is it! We are working on putting his head down, and rocket recall with sit and down emergencies. He has learned so much and we have fixed many things he used to do.

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