Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday fixes

I have to make Jasper stop jumping on people. Today he jumped on my brother and his tooth punctured Blakes skin. He did not bite him but merely jumped and his tooth scraped his face. This concerns me because the jumping can hurt people. I must start tyring to improve this but others must help me.

Ok as of tonight we have all agreed to help Jasper with his jumpy problems, hopefully this lasts.
A simple solution we will do is first now get him riled up when we see him, second if he jumps we turn our backs without saying a word and then when he sits, his "reward" (which doesn't always need to be treats or toys) will be that he gets pet. We call these life rewards.
Also* Jasper has fully learned head down all the way with a verbal cue while I am standing. Yay!
signing off.

Also I forgot to remind myslef, Jasper has always had allergies... and he used to take Temaril P which is a steroid.. which is not the best choice for puppies. He has now switched to Atopica and I am hoping this helps.

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