Sunday, December 19, 2010

Satisfactory Sunday

I'd like to give Jasper a S for Satisfactory today. He didn't do anything special but I see him improving with attention, with the cats, and with intelligence. I don;.'t know about you guys but I think having Jasper open a crate with a rope, getting in the crate and then having him shut it takes skill for a dog. They must remember three tasks and at his age I am astounded. I am going to attend a little meeting before obedience on January 3rd. I can not wait to meet the other students participating as well as their owners. I am pretty sure he will score top of class as he did in puppy class but who knows there could be some competition.* 8 hours later from when I wrote* We are back from the dog park. We met three aussies there. And a cute guy... but we won't go into that. Anyways, Jasper is beat, and is snoring... someone is actually finally tired :P

Off to a friends house.

Oh and Jasper is learning to open crate, go in crate and shut crate door all in one command, and to walk on hind legs aww.

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