Monday, April 18, 2011

Go Raw!

An update on Jasper with his raw diet. It is simply amazing. Right now he eats: Chicken, Bison, Beef, Turkey, Cornish Hens, Quail, Duck, Rabbit, Tilapia, Cod, Trout, sardines, Pork, Lamb, Liver, Heart, Kidneys, Venison and I want to find more variety. I am still looking for Goat meat but soon I will find it!

 Jasper's skin is amazing. There is little to no shedding, there isn't any flaking, or smell at all. He has no dog odor and his coat is shiny and soft. His breath is just like puppy breath. It doesn't smell at all. His teeth are still perfect and pearly white with no tarterm nor will he ever need to go to the dentist. His poop decomposes and no longer needs picked up and is also very small. He has much more energy on it as well. He loves his food. There once was a time where he hated his kibble. We had to switch about 5 times and I just gave up and went back to raw. He was on strike and wanted his raw back and I am glad I listened to him. He is reaping from the benefits and the funnest part is sharing my knowledge with others about it and how they can help their dogs with it.

I recently bought an upright freezer with his name on it. Yep, thats right, it only has all of Jasper's food stored inside. I just enjoy pulling the door open the figure out what I should feed next. It is so fun!

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  1. That is so cool that Jasper has his own freezer and eats like the king that he is!!!