Monday, April 18, 2011

I am the "Cool" Mom Everyone Wants

I am that mom who everyone wishes they had.  I am the mom who takes their pup to play most everyday of his life whether it's the dog park, the lake, the woods, a kids playground, Petco, Petsmart, Canine Commisary, and other places we have yet to adventure to. I am that cool mom who play games with my pup and lets him win all the time in tug. I will chase him around as I know he just can not get enough of that by that wiggle in his butt. I am the cool mom, period, end of statement.  Other dogs go "Gee, I wish I had a fun mommy. My mommy makes me sit alot, and listen to her, but we really never have game time or none of that stuff. Maby once in a while but mommy is always busy with life." Jasper struts his big butt around going yea, I've got that mommy. And there are many other mommies like this including a lady I met recently. Her name is Kerri, and she... well she is indeed a cool mommy.

I met Kerri about a month or so ago at the dog park. She had been looking for two new puppies and I of course, biased, I said get aussies! And, she did! She obtained two of the cutest pups in the world, Lucy and Ricky. Funny part is that Jasper and the Ricardos are related, which you know means that they will be very smart young puppies. They already know sit and down at only ten weeks old. Their mommy is taking them on field trips every other day, playing games with them, taking them to puppy class, and researching all she can to do what is best for her pups. She is setting her pups up for success every second of their lives and she is in the right path of pure awesomeness! Her puppies are going to feel the same way Jasper does. They will prance around saying, " I've got a cool mom. "

More on them later!

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  1. Ahhhh!!! Thank you so much, Ashley. You have already been such a great help to us!