Friday, October 10, 2014

J News

Jasper is now 4, almost 5, and it's blowing my mind. I know he will grow to be an old doggy, maybe 12 or 13, but it's really had me emotional lately. I can not believe he will be 5 next year..

I feel as if we are growing even more of a bond.. someone called him a perfect puppy yesterday, and really... he is! I mean, aside from his barking antics fun police stuff, by god, he's a great dog. He's become a lot less social with people, and not in a bad way, but he doesn't care to be pet, he would rather stay close to mom, and that's fine. Most dogs don't like a pat on the head anyhow!

I've been getting so sad lately about losing him one day.. and while that day is far from now, it's just been rattling in my head lately. Jasper has always been close to me. He has helped me through a lot. I had a crappy past, and he always made me feel so much better. At one point in time.. he was all I had.. and I thank him for ALWAYS being there for me. Not ever having a dog, I have experienced so much from in in so short of time. People throw around the word "heart dog" and I never really knew if he would be the "one" I would call my heart dog.. but.. these past few weeks, I feel as though he is. I look forward to the days when he is a senior.. I've always imagine rolling him in a little Radio Flyer down the trails, to the lake, and can not wait to take care of his every need, but I also fear it so much.

I love my JJ.. my best, my sweetest, my heart dog.

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