Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back To Bloggin'

Yep, let's try this again. Let's start focusing back on Jasper... and start tricks again.

let's refresh my memory..

  • Sit (working on sit on command if he is very far away)
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Roll over
  • Beg
  • Speak
  • Spin
  • Twirl
  • Go get leash
  • Peek a boo
  • Walk backwards
  • Shake
  • High 5
  • Double high 5
  • Touch
  • Go to crate
  • Go to mat
  • Cross paws
  • Bang! you're dead!
  • Weave while I walk
  • Swim
  • dig on command (he doesn't have a problem with digging, he lives in doors)
  • Fetch
  • Drop it
  • Leave it
  • Stay (40 paces ish) ... now WAY MORE..across the field is more accurate
  • recall is very good 8/10 ..(no its bad now.. its like 7/10 now) we will work on this
  • Heel is so so but he knows how to
  • Wipe paws on door mat
  • Working on recycling ..he has it down
  • Put his toys up
  • Show his big butt
  • Hold objects in his mouth
  • Open a crate
  • Close a crate
  • Balance a treat on his nose
  • Back up
  • Tissue Retrieval
  • Closing a door
  • Opening a door
  • Car Manners (crate game stuff) he wont leave without a release
  • Head Down
  • and a ton more I can't think of right now.....
and what I want to work on is holding a hot dog in his mouth, say his prayers, polish his tricks so I don't have to use my hand as a lure, saying no by shaking his head no, limp, boundaries at parks, and more when i figure it out.

lets do this!

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